Today, the Cooper Center released a new report  on demographic shifts in Virginia and how they will impact the upcoming election.  Co-authoring this publication has provided me with the opportunity to connect some of the different topics highlighted in this blog and provide much more in-depth analysis on the demographic factors that will come to play a big role this November.  If you have been following us these last few months you will no doubt recognize some of the material, but I encourage our regular Stat Chat followers to take a look.  Michele and I have tried to paint an accurate portrait of the role demography has played in presidential politics in the Old Dominion and have made every attempt at putting all of the data and numbers into context for our readers.

Some of the questions we investigate:

1.  Was the 2008 Democratic victory in Virginia an aberration or a herald of change?

2.  Has urbanization and the growing influence of Northern Virginia finally tilted Virginia from a solidly “red” state to a “blue” state?

3.  Will minority turnout be the deciding factor in Virginia?

4.  Can young voters in 2012 match the electoral strength of their older counterparts?

Happy reading.

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