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School Enrollment

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Census Brief: Public School Enrollment Trends
Public school enrollment is declining in most communities outside of Virginia’s Urban Crescent.

VA Public School Enrollment & Projections


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America’s College Promise in Virginia
What might America’s College Promise mean for Virginia students, and the Commonwealth’s budget?

The Goldilocks problem: Enrollment trends are not being kind to Virginia’s schools: In many of Virginia’s localities the number of children enrolled in their schools is beginning to decline while their population continues to grow.

The demographics of declining college enrollments
College attendance has climbed over the years to the point where an overwhelming majority of American young people will enroll in college. This is not enough to keep up with the overall decline in college-aged adults.

What’s driving the rise in high school graduation rates? Nearly 8,000 more high school seniors graduated in June than were expected just a few years ago.

Education in Virginia: Doing it at home: In 2012, there were more than 10 times as many homes schooled students in Virginia than there were in 1989.

As more families choose cities, governments are returning to the drawing board: More young families are staying in Virginia’s urban areas to raise their children and enroll them in local schools.

A quick glance at school enrollment projections: School enrollment projections are crucial for staffing, budgeting, and classroom allocations as school districts rely on these numbers to anticipate future needs and plan accordingly.