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Telling Our Stories


2012 farm sales by county


National Road outside Washington DC, 1829


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Farming in Virginia
Though agriculture continues to play an important part in Virginia’s economy and culture, its role has changed considerably since 1940. Understanding rural Virginia and the Commonwealth today requires a reexamination of what farming in Virginia looks like.

Richmond’s quiet transformation
In recent years, Richmond has experienced its most significant demographic transformation since the post-war era, but this time the change has occurred much more quietly.

America’s shifting center of gravity
The United States’ demographic center of gravity has shifted westward each census since the first in 1790.

High cotton: When Virginia’s counties hit their peak
Except for the hard times around the Civil War, Virginia’s population as a whole has grown continuously since it was a colony. However, outside of the largest urban areas population growth is not a fact of life. See when each county hit its peak.