Census 2010

Little Green Boxes

One of the most frequent observations from people who have recently viewed our new Racial Dot Map is the presence of these “little green boxes” scattered throughout the country.  The map displays a single dot for every person counted during the…

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The New Racial Dot Map

As our regular readers already know, I’ve been playing around with a lot of dot density maps lately.  Today, however, we are releasing something new I think you might enjoy even more.We decided to rehash Brandon Martin-Anderson’s idea of plotting one dot…

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More Dot Density Maps

By popular demand, I’m attaching dot density maps for more Virginia cities plus a new statewide map…enjoy: Virginia 2010 Fredericksburg City 2010 Richmond-Pertersburg Metro Area 2010 Martinsville 2010 Lynchburg City 2010 Harrisonburg City 2010 Staunton-Waynesboro 2010 Roanoke-Salem 2010 Plus the ones…

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